The UK Regulated Covered Bond Council

Welcome to the home page of the The UK Regulated Covered Bond Council (UK RCBC).

The UK RCBC is a body which has been formed to represent UK banks and building societies who have issued, or are considering issuing, covered bonds that are regulated by the Financial Conduct  Authority (FCA). The purpose of the UK RCBC is to represent its members in discussions with regulators, legislators, rating agencies and other trade bodies on a range of market issues and developments relating to covered bonds.

The UK RCBC was established with the following objectives:

  • to generally promote the UK regulated covered bond product;
  • to encourage the growth, liquidity, efficiency and evolution of UK covered bonds;
  • to collect, produce and disseminate information and analysis relevant to UK regulated covered bonds;
  • to promote best practice and common standards in investor reporting, disclosure, asset capability modelling and other similar areas;
  • to foster relationships, synergies and campaign for RCBC interests with other market participants such as legal counsels, investment banks, rating agencies,  trustee and corporate services providers: and
  • to liaise with and pursue common purposes with other national or multi-jurisdictional industry associations.

This website has been designed to provide information relating to the issuers of covered bonds, the regulatory covered bond regime provided by the FCA as well as providing access to analysis and research relating to covered bond programmes in the UK and elsewhere and also to research relating to the underlying mortgage and housing markets in the UK.

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The site is currently being substantially redeveloped and any comments or questions are very welcome. In the first instance these should be directed to:

Ian Stewart, Executive Director UK RCBC at ian.stewart@ukrcbc.org